Everything we sell is made by New Zealand craftspeople. Hundreds of talented craftspeople from every corner of New Zealand.

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At the Westgate Shopping Centre, just 14 minutes from Downtown Auckland and 15 from the North Shore. From downtown, take the North Western Motorway (SH16) to the top.
Ph: (09) 831 0277
Fax: (09) 831 0279

Relax in our café with a complimentary cup of tea or our own special brand of gourmet coffee. Our staff are friendly and eager to help when you need them.

And why are our prices so good? Quite simply, we skip the middleman. We make it possible for New Zealand craftspeople to showcase their work and sell directly to the public. It's ideal because we take care of their marketing, freeing them to use their talent, imagination and skill to do what they do best - produce a wondrous array of quality crafts.

It's the best place to buy gifts - for other people as well as yourself. A handmade product is made with care by people who love what they do. The creativity and individuality the craftsperson invests in their products makes them very special.

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